Meet Tom and Nancy

Dr. Thomas P Wise is the author of books for young adults, middle grade children, business people, and most importantly, believers and seekers of Jesus Christ. He teaches at University in the evenings, and spends his days in a chilly little office thinking of ways to make things more efficient. Years ago he spent time as an apprentice carpenter and industrial mechanic, as an internal consultant, and work analyst in nuclear power stations.

(No – he doesn’t glow, except perhaps for his smile – check the picture to the left. He’s happy on the inside)

What does this mean? If you ask Tom, he would tell you he still has trouble deciding what he wants to be when he grows up.

When not writing he enjoys spending his time with his wife and family, jogging with the family dog, and playing paintball in the Pocono Mountains, or generally just enjoying quiet time outside.

Nancy Wise attended college in Joliet Illinois, where she and Tom first met. Nancy has enjoyed an active career of parenting since 1989, when she obtained her MRS degree. She went on to become certified in Equine Education to teach beginners in Horse Care, Ownership, Riding & Competition at their family owned stable.

Together Tom & Nancy have covered a wide spectrum of roles with their 5 children in their Churches, Boy Scouts, Coaching various Sports & Martial Arts, assisting at Band Camp & Competitions.

As a family we like to snow ski, ride horses & motorcycles, camp, play paintball, rock climb, and to support each other in our varied interests; like writing books, drawing Commercial Art & Design, Civil War Reenacting, volunteering with Firefighting & the Ambulance Squad, Fencing, & all types of continuing education.