What does it mean to be agile?

The word brings to our thoughts words like flexible, adaptive, teamwork, and quick. For many of us, it means complicated and techie. In reality, Agile is all about how we behave, how well we play with others and share information. Agile is about building your network and committing to work on a topic of interest. Agile is about breathing life back into your passion. As Datta describes it, Agile is about behaving in that way.

Agile AuthorsAgile Authors

Agile Authors brings agile practices to the author in simple, concise, plain language. Learn to work with your peers as a team. Learn what trust has to do with it. Learn how to create a network of committed friends using your social friends. Turner laid it on the line when he said, process kills passion. But straightforward techniques in Agile Author drives passion back into what you love to do; write.

CAC16 will be a place of friendship and learning

Visit Chanticleer Book Reviews’ CAC16 and here our story face-to-face. For a sneak preview, and an early update, take a look at a couple of articles on the topic of Agile Authors.


Agile is for Authors
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