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Gower Publishing forwarded to me a tremendous review by Dr. Mamta Mohapatra. I could not help but share with all of you.

Agile Readiness prepare agile methodsAnother Great Review For Agile Readiness

“This book is a notch above the others.

Amidst the jargons and juxtapositioning of ideas and theories, this book is sure to occupy the mind space of intellectuals, experts and practitioners alike. This book is undoubtedly, one of the best and timely outputs to steer the thought processes of hasty change managers by urging them to reflect and strive towards achieving real gains from transformation programs.” Review provided by Dr Mamta Mohapatra, Professor & Chair-OBHR, International Management Institute in Consulting Ahead Magazine


I will be sharing Fortune 500 techniques to REV UP YOUR WRITING PROCESS! on Sun 9/27 from 10-11AM #CAC15 You can attend the Rev up Your Writing Process with Agile Project Management Session on Sunday, Sept. 27 in Bellingham WA, during the Chanticleer Book Reviews Author Conference & Awards.

Knowledge workers deserve agile

Writing is knowledge work, whether we are writing software code, journal articles, or the great American novel. To write well, we need trust, a healthy network and strong relationships. Revving up our writing process is all about preparation, planning, and flexibility. Writers need a project lifecycle that embraces uncertainty. When developed in a way that reinforces teamwork, Agile provides that environment. Agile Readiness may be purchased anywhere books are sold.


Agile Readiness In The News
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