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I love to talk, and more importantly, I love to talk about God and my Lord Jesus, the Christ. Whether you desire a talk at the local library, book club, home fellowship, or church gathering. My aim is to inspire change.

Let’s get together and discuss your needs. Please email me at GIJ316 (at)

Author Talks For Home Fellowship, Retreats, and Sunday Gatherings:

The challenge of passing along that love for Jesus is harder than ever. Believers, seekers, and skeptics alike are drowning in the noise of life, and suffering through a daily onslaught of evil acts depicted in the news and entertainment. Author talks are a great way to bring that love for Jesus alive.

  • Have you ever struggled to answer the hard questions? Why does God allow evil? Why do good people suffer? Why won’t God stop the pain? Why does God allow babies to die?
  • God’s plan is simple. In these talks we reveal God’s guidance contained in his word and clearly tie God’s teaching to the really difficult questions.