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I love to talk, and more importantly, I love to help. Whether you desire a talk at the local library, book club, or school, or at a major corporation in need of change for the better, I am there. My aim is to inspire change.

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Let’s get together and discuss your needs. Please email me at or use the contact form below.

Author Talks For Schools, Book Clubs, and library Topics:

The challenge of passing along that love for reading and writing is harder than ever. Children enter the digital world at a very early age. Many of them have never held a book in their hands. Their world is virtual, and the love for exploration and art is often stinted by a medium that offers instant gratification. Author talks are a great way to bring that love for reading and writing alive.

  • Life On Base: Quantico Cave –
    • What was it like to grow up in a military household?
    • How do Stephen and Jimmy handle bullying and conflict?
  • Engage your students in the writing process
  • Teach your students to write an engaging story
  • Learn how to break into the author role

Author Talks For Corporate Topics

Every organization is virtual, whether you know it or not. The 21st-century office environment includes IM, email, texting, video chats, and social media as the primary means of communication for individuals and with clients. Virtual work can either erode trust or build strong bonds, but to capitalize on the social networking the corporate ecosystem must be optimized. Doctor Wise will explain how to gain an advantage in organization management.

  • Building Trust in a Virtual Environment
  • Building an Environment for Agile
  • Building an Environment for Successful Program and Project Managers