Authors Love To Talk

Have you ever considered giving author talks, or perhaps asking an author to talk with your students or book club? How about inviting an author to your professional organization or workplace? Authors love to talk and have a wealth of information through their experience, education, and imagination. Authors love to share. Of course, they do, that’s why they write.Author's Day

Author’s Day – Bring In The Experts

In the corporate world, there is a standard definition of an expert with which most professionals will relate. An expert is often defined as “someone who works for someone else, and lives at least fifty miles away.” Well, yes, that is a very sarcastic definition, but one that comes about due to the proclivity of leaders to hire consultants to do what insiders could do if they had the information.

Authors are very often experts due to the extent of research they accomplish to complete their book. They are experts, not because they work for someone else, but out of necessity, education, and experience.

Now The Point Of This Post – Author’s Day

Now to my point, why not contact an author to come to your group meeting, school, library, or place of work to talk with your people about a subject of your choice? Learn, be entertained and gain an advantage over the competition by making an Author’s Day. There are authors living near you that would do back flips at the thought of sharing their information with you and your friends and coworkers. Make an Author’s Day and give them a jingle, or rather in today’s terms, reach out and touch an author for a chance at an entertaining, enlightening, and educational opportunity.

Author’s Day – Make It Happen
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