Ever Wonder Why We Call Ourselves BRATs?

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Did you know there are more than 10 million Americans that call themselves Brats? Brat is the name children of military parents call themselves with love and honor.

According to the Williamsburg Military Insider, “The NDU library came through.  A researcher there found a book written in 1921 which described the origins of the term.  It came, like many of our military traditions, from the British Army.  It seems that when a member of the British Army was assigned abroad and could take his family (mostly in India), the family went with the member in an Admin status entitled:  BRAT status. Quantico Cave

BRAT is now defined by history

It stands for:  British Regiment Attached Traveler.  Over the years, it was altered to refer only to the children of the military member (the wives of the British Army [who were all males] objected to the term referring to them).  And the term not only stuck, but in many cases was adopted world-wide.”

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Be a Brat in February.