Bear Fruit? So, this week, I started my first class at Regent University. It is eight years since I last attended college, so I am ready to go and very uncertain regarding my study skills and ability to maintain the pace. I am studying in the Chaplaincy specialization.

Bear Fruit – Here and Now!!

I came to believe in my late twenties after wandering in the wilderness much too long. About thirty years ago, as a new believer, I often begged God to send me somewhere – the Amazon, Africa, China. I was ready to do great things for my Lord. God challenged me, saying, “You won’t even cross the street and tell them about me. Why would I send you anywhere?” I was convicted and began using my day job as my mission field.

Recently, I finally took the plunge to follow God’s challenge onceTrust God again and use my gifts in his service. Thus, I am here, studying once again, and hoping and praying to keep up and serve my King, for I know that without Jesus we can do nothing worth doing (John15:4).

Bear Fruit – But, Oh My Goodness, WHY school?

God calls us, not only to the mission field or pastoral service, but to bear fruit where ever we find ourselves (John 15:1). This week, I started my first class – Hermeneutics – Pray for me!!

Seek Out Those In Need

God doesn’t expect that we should all wonder about the world. Seek out those closest to us and find a way to serve. Today, ask an elderly neighbor if they need toilet paper and share a roll – that stuff is like gold in this global panic. Share a smile from six feet away – people are scared and could use a brightened space. Or call someone.

I taught last night, but before we started the lecture, we just talked. One student expressed how lonely he is, sequestered in his tiny apartment with no one around. People are frightened, and if alone, the silence is unbearable. Bear fruit – let someone see Jesus in you today.

Bear Fruit – Lions? Tigers? Oh My!!
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