I recently received an excellent book and wanted to share my review. I encourage anyone that experienced abuse, either verbal, physical, sexual, or otherwise. Thompson did a wonderful job in portraying her journey from victim to victory in our Lord Jesus.

Face Abuse For Victory

“Don’t be in denial…Intentionally let go of everything that anchors or torments your soul.” I felt as though I was sitting with a dear friend who risked everything to intervene in a loved one’s struggle for survival. “…I tell you it is time to honour your soul and allow it this time to heal,” Thompson said.

I expected the book to continue in this voice of admonishment and encouragement. Still, to my delight, the chapter ended with a series of re-affirming challenges, asking all the right questions to guide the reader to understand the key points. As if such clear, courageous guidance is not enough, Thompson launched into a personal testimony that should break the heart of every father. Every Dad needs to read this book and commit to God and your child never to be this man.

“It was such a frightening revelation to me. I was my dad…”

How terrifying it is when we realize we have become the very thing we fear the most. God takes each one of us to the place where we find the strength to say, “I was broken, wounded and needed help…I prayed to God for help.” Thompson walks us through what she describes as her “…Fight for the light to shine in my life…” and the steps to get there in our lives. My Journey to Enjoying My Life provides scriptural guidance, prayer, and challenging questions to guide the reader to a personal insight that will change their outlook on life and relationships with friends, family, and, most importantly, God.

As the reader continues through the book, Thompson explores forgiveness and God’s ability to carry our burdens. I think my favorite passage of My Journey to Enjoying My Life came when Thompson said, “God showed me that every time I was worried about the situation I was in control and doing it in my strength alone.” What an incredible revelation each of us must own. The real power comes in knowing, “My part was to believe His promises by using my faith. As I trusted Him it allowed Him to work on my behalf…”

My Journey to Enjoying My Life reads like a personal testimony among friends and is a must-read for every parent and every child. Learn to park-your-mind and walk through the process of change as prescribed by Thompson and discover a new life filled with God’s Joy. I am happily pleased to recommend this book.

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