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We enjoy finding out what readers think when they read a book. Reviews can never be anticipated as a story has to connect with the reader, where that reader is in their life on a given day. Therefore, we cannot look at a review as just good or bad, but rather a glimpse into the reader’s mind. When a story clicks with a reader, it is always exciting. If a story lands flat, we learn just a little more for the future.

Here are a few new reviews for Life On Base: Quantico Cave, a Chanticleer Book Reviews First In Category Winner in the 2016 Somerset Awards.

Chanticleer Book ReviewsQuantico Cave

Life on Base: Quantico Cave is a riveting portrayal of the lives of children whose parents serve in the armed forces. Being a teenager is hard enough, but adding the constant uprooting and moving from base to base adds its own unique challenges as well as rewards. Authors Tom and Nancy Wise effectively use this book, while telling a suspenseful story, to show middle grade readers that there are positive ways to handle these situations without sounding preachy or admonishing. Click to read the full review

Book Junkie Reviews

“I liked it. It was an overall enjoyable read. Life on Base: Quantico Cave by Tom and Nancy Wise was an enjoyable experience! Tom and Nancy captures the fun, the excitement, yet challenging and sometimes lonely experience of a boy who makes the most of his situation.” ~Jei@411Junkie Click to read the full reviews

“Life on Base: Quantico Cave by Tom Wise is perfect for all ages. It’s a story of life on a military base from the perspective of middle-school-aged children (primarily boys). Having raised two boys, I really appreciated Wise’s portrayal of the boys (and one “tom-boy”). The scuffles, resolutions and friendship between adolescents are on target. ~ Jules@BookJunkieReviews Click to read the full reviews

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Book Reviews For Life On Base
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