Tom and Nancy write speculative fiction for Young Adults and Middle Grade readers. Their titles have received numerous awards in the US and UK.

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Life On Base: Quantico Cave
From the Award Winning Author Tom Wise and Nancy Wise: 2015
Winner Unpublished Division – 2014 Great Midwest Book Festival
Runner Up Unpublished Division – 2014 New England Book Festival

Quantico Cave is an upper-middle-grade novel Unlike other works that highlight military families, Quantico Cave is not autobiographical. Our novel follows the life of Stephen as he navigates the ever-changing world of the military family with provisional relationships, and short-term housing arrangements. His hopes appear to be eternally high as his dreams infringe upon reality when his life and friends are threatened by nature.


“A gritty, heart-felt adventure any base brat, past or present, will relate to.” ~ Bennett R. Coles, NY Times Best Seller and Award-winning author of Virtues Of War

“I haven’t lived on a military base for more than forty years, but this story set me right back in that world—a world that never stands still long enough to become boring, where life is lived out of cardboard boxes and shipping crates. Each day, each new home brings a new adventure.

People looking in from the outside think such temporary lives must be rough…but brats know better. We’re brothers and sisters to all other brats, drawn together into one enormous family…and that relationship is permanent.

Stephen, Jay, Jimmy, Rick and the others are all of us in microcosm. I recognized them as though I’d seen them only yesterday, and I salute their determination and spirit.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a brat, read this book. If you’ve lived a brat’s life, you’ll recognize yourself in this story.” ~ Kathleen Rice Adams

“In a world where very few people treat or recognize the military with the respect they deserve, Quantico Cave is a breath of fresh air. This is the start of a series of middle-grade books that highlight both the highs and lows of being a military brat. While I am not one, a parent of mine was, and for that reason, I can read this story and reminisce of things that I remember from my own youth. And that trip down memory lane is very powerful. I look forward to reading the next installment in this series.” ~ Mike Hartner, Award-winning Author of I, Walter (The Eternity Series)

“Growing up is difficult enough, but when one or both parents are in the military, the challenges are compounded by an order of magnitude. In Life on Base: Quantico Cave Tom and Nancy Wise weave a realistic and riveting tale of the challenges facing children who survive in a world where friends and foes are made and abandoned with equal quickness and where military life affects everything from the games kids play to the values instilled in them at an early age. In Quantico Cave, we follow Stephen, who has once again been uprooted and transplanted to a new base with his family. As the new kid, he must quickly make friends and prove himself. One friendship comes easy. Others prove to be more difficult, forged only after the competitions begin and the intensity increases to the point no one had anticipated.” ~ Ron McManus, Award-winning author of The Drone Enigma


Life On Base: Quantico Cave is an upper-middle-grade novel. Unlike other works that highlight military families, Quantico Cave is not autobiographical. Our novel follows the life of Stephen as he navigates the ever-changing world of the military family with provisional relationships, and short-term housing arrangements. His hopes appear to be eternally high as his dreams infringe upon reality when his life and friends are threatened by nature.

This is our second novel and the first in a new series of upper-middle grade stories set on the military bases of the United States Marine Corp. After ten years of war, tens of thousands of American Children have been raised in the lifestyle of the U.S. military, and so we hope to provide them with a series of books in which they may find familiar settings, feelings, and bit of fantasy that will relate to their unique circumstance. As a military ‘brat’ myself, It is our desire that perhaps those not raised in this world of warriors may also learn to relate with these great families, and find their own hopes and dreams are shared by this growing group of Americans.

As the child of a United States Marine, I grew up in ways most American’s will never have the opportunity to experience. We hiked, and biked, played sports, swam at the local pool and fished in the local lake as did everyone else. We played sandlot baseball and participated in organized sports, just like everyone else.

The difference is in the details. We looked both ways before crossing a tank path in the woods and collected spent bullet casings in the long abandoned trenches. We waved to the MP’s, not the police, and our parents shopped at the commissary and PX, not the grocery store and department store. When playing sports, we stopped mid-stride at the sound of the evening trumpet call and stood at attention while the flag was retired. Then there was the rare time out as a helicopter landed in the middle of the ball field.

Life On Base is a new series written about life as seen through the eyes of military children so they may share their world with the other 99.5% of America.


Life On Base: Quantico Cave is a coming of age story written by Thomas P. Wise and Nancy Wise. Stephen and Jimmy are best friends, for now that is. Their fathers are in the Marines, so the length of time their families will be in the same location is an unknown quantity. They both love Triangle, the small historic town in Virginia that is home to Quantico. There are woods and streams to play in and a small group of friends to play ball with. Being the son of a Marine officer has its stresses, besides the worry over relocation. Stephen’s father has high expectations for his son and expects that he will perform with discipline and honor, no matter what.

Thomas P. Wise and Nancy Wise’s coming of age story, Life On Base: Quantico Cave, is marvelous. The authors explore the stresses and strains military children experience being part of a military culture. The Marine dads are stern, and some kids have scars, which may not always be on the outside. Life On Base: Quantico Cave is filled with scenes from the outdoors, as the kids play ball and explore the surroundings. I’m a sucker for caves and caving and was thrilled when Stephen explores the cave under the tree roots. The [paintball] battle was quite reminiscent of Lord of the Flies and was filled with the tension of battle, a war game played by kids who’ve been indoctrinated into a culture that extols success in spite of pain. My only complaint would be that when I had finished the story, I wanted more. Perhaps there’ll be a sequel to this coming of age, action and adventure story? I hope so….


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Grand Prize Winner – 2013 Dante Rossetti Award for YA Fiction
WINNER – 2013 Dante Rossetti Awards For YA Fiction – Speculative Fiction Category
By Thomas P and Nancy Wise

Can our consciousness and sense of self endure beyond our physical bodies? As technology evolves can mental immortality become a reality?

These are two of the major questions raised by married authors Thomas P. and Nancy Wise in their new novel The Borealis Genome. Advances in genetic engineering combine with artificial intelligence to create a disturbing world where the minds of the few control those of the masses.

The creation of a weaponized virus allows individuals to upload their minds into the bodies of others creating an army of mental zombies. Tim and Nora must find the source of this technology and destroy it before their world completely unravels.

The Flies
November 9, 2014
The Fly.
I liked the fly. If you think back, flies are a big part of horror movies, and they go well with the irritating sound of trouble approaching. Remember the flies on the window of the Amityville Horror? We heard the flies, then saw the flies and the music starts. In stories, whether books or movies, when flies are present trouble is not far away.

The Borealis Genome is far from a horror story. We don’t consider it to be in the same category of horror since there really is nothing horrible about it. What I wanted, was to signal trouble and flies signal trouble. Flies also carry disease.

I found the flies to be intriguing. Check out this excerpt:

Tommy’s mouth opened as if to protest, and was stopped once again by the bony hand in the air.
“Apocephalus Borealis,” Mr. Oldham said slowly.
“The bees,” Tommy said quickly to show he was listening.
“The Flies,” he was gently corrected. “They infect the bees,” Mr. Oldham started. “The flies transfer a virus when the females inject their eggs, and the bees simply comply, bearing the fly’s larvae until they are consumed by their burden.
Tommy’s look of disgust and amazement was all that was needed.
Very strange,” Mr. Oldham said shaking his head as if he too had trouble understanding the relationship. “Why would any creature take on such a burden without a fight?” Mr. Oldham allowed the question hang in the air. To Tommy, it seemed the question was not his to answer

Behind The Premise
October 28, 2014

Our premise for The Borealis Genome (TBG):
Speculative fiction is a great form of science fiction. It’s fun. It’s imaginative in a way that takes the reader far beyond building new worlds and new technologies. I’m not dissing the true sci-fi authors. Science fiction has played an essential role for years. If not for science fiction I believe society would suffer a drought in technological discovery that would set us back centuries.

But speculative fiction is just plain creepy. It is really creepy. Speculative fiction is the art of taking reality and asking ourselves, “What if?” In TBG we ask you to follow the “What if” question down a path that horror writers have taken over and over. Zombies fill our evenings and weekends with walking corpses that drag their legs and drip flesh and blood as the virus seeks a new host. Most of the time they seem to stand about, listening for signs of life, or perhaps move in packs, groaning and decaying as they seek new recruits. For some reason their victims stagger and stumble about as if they have themselves never seen a zombie movie and blunder into the arms of the corpse.

TBG takes a fresh look at the world of zombies. What if it was possible to really make a zombie? What if they could create a designer zombie that would do whatever they wanted it to do? What if zombies were real and scientists have learned to harness the power of mind control in a way that allows them to build super knowledge?

Now I know this sounds crazy. Right? Consider that a tremendous amount of the medications we take every day are synthesized from nature. For that matter, as Ji, Li, and Zhang (2009) point out, humanity has been using products from nature for medicinal purposes throughout our history. In fact, we have only begun to scratch the surface when it comes to the power of nature.

So now, back to the question of zombies.Zombies are everywhere in nature. Bees, wasps, snails, caterpillars, ants and yes even humans have been infected with viruses and parasites that take over brain functions to force the will of the host to bend to the will of another.   Even psychiatric disorders that make people believe that they don’t exist, although they still know who they are.In TBG we ask the question, if science were ever able to harness the power of nature’s zombies, what could society do with the knowledge? Dr. Oldham begins quite innocently with an attempt to cure his fiancé of a deadly disease, and in the process discovers he can cure Alzheimer’s. As the cure progresses, the power of the cure is weaponized by government agents.

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Tom writes non-fiction in the management and project management fields. His titles has received acclamation in the UK and are carried wherever books are found.


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Agile Readiness is designed to provide guidance to the manager or business leader in establishing a successful environment to enable fast moving agile and lean project methods focused on business systems transformation.

Agile and lean offer huge potential as methods for reducing risk and costs, delivering early benefits and ensuring IT projects genuinely deliver the business transformation benefits that they promise at the outset. The conundrum for many organizations is that without a change of organizational culture, agile and lean methods are very unlikely to be adopted successfully in traditional organizations.Thus, the struggle that many (if not most) managers and executives face is not in how agile or lean development works, but in how to make agile and lean methods successful when working beyond software development. Thomas P. Wise and Reuben Daniel provide a clear view of the struggles and remedies. Their text uses simple ground floor experiences to illustrate the practices and behaviors necessary to create highly successful and effective agile and lean business systems transformation teams. In this book the reader will discover organizational strategies that build strong teams, an environment of trust, and project selection and planning strategies to create an environment of enablement in which agile and lean teams thrive.

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Read A Sample Of Trust In Virtual Teams
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Gower Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4094-5361-1

Reviews: Finalist in the ‘Business: Management and Leadership’ category of the 2013 International Book Awards and recipient of an Honorable Mention at the 2013 New York Book Festival.

‘The managing of “virtual teams” has become a part of daily life for the majority of IT project managers today. Tom’s book gives insight and guidance in many important areas not covered in most PM training and methodologies. I definitely recommend it as part of a toolbox for meeting today’s management challenges.’ Thomas F. Olenick, President, Olenick & Associates, Chicago, USA

‘The book is very well written and the subject is one of the most challenging aspects of management in our current business scenario aptly termed as “project swarm”. Trust is the key to build virtual teams and this book offers direction to create an environment of “solid trust like sedimentary rock”! The words found here are about providing project teams the best opportunity to improve their global team work and mitigate project risks.’ Bindu Narayan, Head Quality, Tata Elxsi, India

‘Tom does a fantastic job highlighting the incredible value created by independent teams with a common goal, while providing a roadmap for success. His personal, real-life examples bring the content to life, reinforcing the importance of communications, collaboration and the profound impact on overall productivity from dependent team deliverables. A must-read for anyone working with technology teams delivering high-velocity, innovative, products.’ John Schanz, Chief Network Officer, Comcast Cable, USA

‘Dr Thomas Wise provides answers to real-life business challenges and translates them into simple models for everyday application in his masterpiece Trust in Virtual Teams. This is definitely the most practical business transformation book that is in the book stores today.’ Reuben Daniel, Global Business Transformation Leader, Cognizant Technology Solutions, USA

‘Wise and Daniels have crafted a powerful book on the possibilities of repeatable successes for agile and lean initiatives. Taken together these management tools present opportunities for dramatic changes to organizational flexibility and adaptability for the technology and services age. Through a combination of applied theory, practical frameworks and homespun tales, the authors provide a practical set of advice for current and future transformational leaders.’ Todd A. Weinert, AVP – Cognizant Business Consulting 

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About the Author:

Thomas P. Wise has an MBA and a Ph.D. in Organizational Management with a specialism in Information Technology Management. Currently he teaches Quality, Organizational Management, and IT Transformation part time as part of the Computer Sciences MSc program at Villanova University and as part of DeSales University’s Master of Computer Science and MBA programs.

Reuben Daniel is a Director of Cognizant’s Business Consulting practice focusing on Business Process Transformation. With several years of experience in the Communications industry, he is an expert in Six Sigma, Lean, ITIL, Agile and Organization Change Management. Reuben is a certified Information Systems Auditor and has published papers on Cost of Quality, ROI and Quality Management.