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“This book is a notch above the others.

Amidst the jargons and juxtapositioning of ideas and theories, this book is sure to occupy the mind space of intellectuals, experts and practitioners alike. This book is undoubtedly, one of the best and timely outputs to steer the thought processes of hasty change managers by urging them to reflect and strive towards achieving real gains from transformation programs.” Review provided by Dr Mamta Mohapatra, Professor & Chair-OBHR, International Management Institute in Consulting Ahead Magazine

Amazon Review –

This book contains lots of research findings, examples, illustrations and diagrams. It is written in a conversation tone. The ideas and insights in this book are well punched. This book is useful for learners and leaders. It is worth investing your time. Enjoy reading this book! ~Professor M.S.Rao, International Leadership Expert and Author of 30 Books on Leadership

Agile Readiness is designed to provide guidance to the manager or business leader in establishing a successful environment to enable fast moving agile and lean project methods focused on business systems transformation. Agile and lean offer huge potential as methods for reducing risk and costs, delivering early benefits and ensuring IT projects genuinely deliver the business transformation benefits that they promise at the outset. The conundrum for many organizations is that without a change of organizational culture, agile and lean methods are very unlikely to be adopted successfully in traditional organizations.Thus, the struggle that many (if not most) managers and executives face is not in how agile or lean development works, but in how to make agile and lean methods successful when working beyond software development. Thomas P. Wise and Reuben Daniel provide a clear view of the struggles and remedies. Their text uses simple ground floor experiences to illustrate the practices and behaviors necessary to create highly successful and effective agile and lean business systems transformation teams. In this book the reader will discover organizational strategies that build strong teams, an environment of trust, and project selection and planning strategies to create an environment of enablement in which agile and lean teams thrive.


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Gower Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4094-5361-1

Reviews: Finalist in the ‘Business: Management and Leadership’ category of the 2013 International Book Awards and recipient of an Honorable Mention at the 2013 New York Book Festival.

‘The managing of “virtual teams” has become a part of daily life for the majority of IT project managers today. Tom’s book gives insight and guidance in many important areas not covered in most PM training and methodologies. I definitely recommend it as part of a toolbox for meeting today’s management challenges.’ Thomas F. Olenick, President, Olenick & Associates, Chicago, USA

‘The book is very well written and the subject is one of the most challenging aspects of management in our current business scenario aptly termed as “project swarm”. Trust is the key to build virtual teams and this book offers direction to create an environment of “solid trust like sedimentary rock”! The words found here are about providing project teams the best opportunity to improve their global team work and mitigate project risks.’ Bindu Narayan, Head Quality, Tata Elxsi, India

‘Tom does a fantastic job highlighting the incredible value created by independent teams with a common goal, while providing a roadmap for success. His personal, real-life examples bring the content to life, reinforcing the importance of communications, collaboration and the profound impact on overall productivity from dependent team deliverables. A must-read for anyone working with technology teams delivering high-velocity, innovative, products.’ John Schanz, Chief Network Officer, Comcast Cable, USA

‘Dr Thomas Wise provides answers to real-life business challenges and translates them into simple models for everyday application in his masterpiece Trust in Virtual Teams. This is definitely the most practical business transformation book that is in the book stores today.’ Reuben Daniel, Global Business Transformation Leader, Cognizant Technology Solutions, USA

‘Wise and Daniels have crafted a powerful book on the possibilities of repeatable successes for agile and lean initiatives. Taken together these management tools present opportunities for dramatic changes to organizational flexibility and adaptability for the technology and services age. Through a combination of applied theory, practical frameworks and homespun tales, the authors provide a practical set of advice for current and future transformational leaders.’ Todd A. Weinert, AVP – Cognizant Business Consulting 

Contents: Introduction; Who’s eating your lunch; Myths and common pitfalls; Behaviors that enable; Team roles and agility; Governance and process; Institutionalizing agile and lean; Lean manufacturing: a case in study; Bibliography; Index.

About the Author:

Thomas P. Wise has an MBA and a Ph.D. in Organizational Management with a specialism in Information Technology Management. Currently he teaches Quality, Organizational Management, and IT Transformation part time as part of the Computer Sciences MSc program at Villanova University and as part of DeSales University’s Master of Computer Science and MBA programs.





About the Co-author/Agile Readiness:

Reuben Daniel is a Director of Cognizant’s Business Consulting practice focusing on Business Process Transformation. With several years of experience in the Communications industry, he is an expert in Six Sigma, Lean, ITIL, Agile and Organization Change Management. Reuben is a certified Information Systems Auditor and has published papers on Cost of Quality, ROI and Quality Management.




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