Christmas is Here-Time to Miss Friends and Family

Wow!! Thanksgiving is gone, and Christmas is only a couple weeks away. Every year I watch the geese gather in large groups gobbling up everything in sight and think it is way too early. Then, after the turkey leftovers are gone, and the mad scramble to tie up loose ends at work before the holiday break, it seems like break the bank day is back.

Yes, I get it. Too many silly, symbolic sayings. (Again and again with awesome alliteration afoot 😊). Speaking of literary devices, have you taken a moment to check out my sneak peek?

But back to our purpose-Christmas

We are spending our evenings wondering if we found the right gift for the right person and did we pay the right amount, fairly for everyone like most everyone we know. Not that this isn’t important, it is, but let’s not forget why we are here, in this season together.

My heart is aching as we work to find our footing in a new place this holiday season. We bounce between several church groups trying to discover where we fit and wonder how our church family “back home” is fairing through the season. Believe it or not, I miss the people with whom we spent last Christmas, the folks left behind each holiday at Doylestown’s Code Blue Shelter. (I know you won’t read this, but you are missed, and we pray you are well.) Our brothers and sisters at Calvary Chapel, you are missed, and if you feel inclined, consider volunteering to be with our homeless brothers and sisters this year. Our family and friends scattered around the country, we miss you (Way too many of you, I know, I haven’t seen in many years). And I know it goes without saying, our children scattered around the country, we miss you.

You Are Never Alone

So, if you are alone this Christmas, know that someoneTrust God misses you. And in my heart, I know God is good, caring for you and loving all of you. He has blessed us with loving co-workers and new friends, for God knows what we need even before we ask. And in this season of giving and receiving, I pray I never lose sight of God, who was knowing what we needed before we were thrust into this life. He made a way home for us in the name, life, and death of His Son, Jesus. Trust in God’s Holy Spirit to guide you this Christmas season as we wait in anticipation of the day he returns. And, while loving and cherishing our Jewish and Muslim friends, never hesitate to say Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah.

Love you all

Christmas Is Here
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