Remember the Matrix, the movie that caused millions to question their reality? As a child, friends and I enjoyed time in a debate, challenging one another to prove their existence. The idea was that one’s existence was but a vision projected into a consciousness and not a physical presence. “Well, I’m here, I can touch this tree,” the conversation would begin.

“So can I, but is it the same tree?”

“Duh, yes.”

“Prove it. What if our minds are connected and the tree is just a projection of what we think a tree is?”

“I think, therefore I am.”

We fell into a Descartes philosophy, one that says, “I think, therefore I am.” The theory that states one’s independent thought requires existence separate from another’s existence. But is that true if, as some scientists believe, our consciousness is connected? Scientists are exploring how the idea of collective consciousness influences our reality. Driving the investigation of collective consciousness, The Global Consciousness Project seeks to discover how the synchronization of thought shapes reality.

The idea, born in the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab at Princeton University and directed by Roger consciousnessNelson, suggests that what should be random data may be influenced by a collective global conscience. So is the reality we see influenced by the reality we seek?

Science fiction or science?

So, is the reality that we perceive affected by the reality we seek? Science Fiction has a long history of influence on science. Wired Magazine recently wrote that with the decline in Science Fiction, the world of science may soon be forced to turn to Paranormal Romance for inspiration. Imagine then the impact of dystopian novels on our future reality. Will the world soon be overrun by zombies?


Consciousness – Is It Real?
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