I recently traveled to Philadelphia and from there to Seattle and Tacoma. It wasn’t a long trip, only about a week, and at most a six-hour flight between cities. I’m really not a good traveler. A homebody is how I would describe myself, preferring my own bed after a quiet evening with my wonderful and caring wife, who spoils me. But work is work, and we go where the action takes us, and I will admit, I do enjoy my work.

My flight got me back to Philadelphia at 6:00 am on the red-eye flight connecting through Los Angeles. I found my checked bag, which I checked because I got tired of toting it around the airport. After a short ride on the parking lot bus, chauffeured by an amiable person, I found my car, pushed the button to start the motor, and welcomed the familiar sounds of K-Love.

It was weird, for my first thought was, “I missed you, Lord.”

I recognized the oddity of the thought, Missed you?

Don’t Scoot

The notion of missing God reminded me of a story by the pastor who led my wife and me to Christ. He told of a story of a couple, married for decades, and still driving their old red 3-speed Chevy pickup truck, with a bench seat, they purchased as a young married couple. That morning, their preacher talked about needing to submit to one another, not withholding their love, but coming together as one, joined in heaven. In the story, as they drove home after the service, they passed a young couple, squeezed together on the park bench, obviously still madly in love. The grey-haired lady turned to her husband, looking somewhat troubled and sounding sad, saying, “Do you remember when we would drive for hours, squeezed in, side-by-side, as we rode down the highway?”

Trust God“I do,” he answered without taking his eyes off the road.

“What happened?” She responded.

“Well,” He slowly responded, looking to his wife with love in his eyes and smile on his face. “I haven’t moved.”

Like the husband in the story, God reminded me that he never moved (Deuteronomy 31:6). He is the same always, with me in all situations and conditions (Matthew 28:20; Hebrews 13:8). It was me that moved. I focused on what I was doing and forgetting to spend time with God in all situations. The only thing that changed was my location. I was out of my routine and feeling off-balance.

Note to self: When we leave home and find ourselves out of the routine, double down on prayer and worship.

Why Can’t We Trust God?

Don’t Scoot
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