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In Life On Base: Quantico Cave, Stephen has dreams that seem to be trying to tell him something that he just isn’t getting in his waking time. Stephen is confused by a friend who just isn’t acting the Stephen remembers him. They were friends at a past duty station, but when their relationship resumes, his friend just isn’t very friendly.

Dreams May Be Physiologically And Psychologically Healthy

Many researchers believe that dreams can provide insight into problems or situations that are causing us trouble and perhaps give us some guidance. Dr. Gourguechon, writing in Psychology Today, tells us that dreQuantico Caveams may have both a physiological and psychological purpose and that the psychological purpose is every bit as important as the physical. Dreams, Gourguechon says, may be “stories a patient constructs using images, plays on words, narrative twists, juxtapositions, and emotional saturation to communicate to himself and to me something that cannot yet be told in ordinary ways.”

Finding Meaning For Stephen

Stephens dreams of a massive oak tree, a mechanical spider, a flat, cartoon-like friend, and a cave may have a message for him, one that he cannot express in other ways. One cool website I found, Dreams Cloud, may be of help in interpreting those dreams for Stephen. At Dreams Cloud, anyone interested in interpreting their dreams can input the dream symbols and find common interpretations for their dreams.


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