Hey, Buddy, move!

Ever experience that feeling that someone is staring at you? You know the feeling. That sensation you get that causes you to suddenly glance in a direction only to catch a set of eyes darting to the side. And worse yet, the sudden awareness of your own ignorance that comes when responding to the feeling only to find someone staring at you. It’s that stare that shames, with eyes that scream, “Yo! Hey, buddy, move!” Maybe, you know the look. The look is a mix of “pity for the poor soul that knows no better” and “whenever you’re ready, you could maybe wake up and step two paces to one side?”

I got that somebody is looking at me feeling this week. Because of my tendency to keep my head down, focused on what I want to accomplish, I forget that I’m not alone. I get so busy trying to achieve a task, I forget that there is someone else at work. The awareness of being watched came to me as I was anxiously searching the web looking to see if anyone posted a review of Why Can’t We Trust God? I sought to no avail until finding a short review on Goodreads and breathed a sigh of relief. Someone read it. And it was then that our Father poked me saying, “Hey, you…did you forget that this is my story, not yours?”

Get out of your own way!

“OK, I get it,” I answered. I seem to struggle to get out of my own way. “Remember,” God remindedTrust God me that we are working for His purposes and in His timing (Col 3:23). He told me through the words of our King that God is always working, never ceasing (John 5:17). Therefore, if I want to do my best work, I need to be available, watching the work that God is doing, and ready to do my part, for alone, I can do nothing (John 15:5). Trust God and remember why we are here.

Hey, Buddy, I’m Working Here! Move It!
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