Jesus’s disciples often used the term “The Kingdom of God.” And, I think most of us are looking forward to that day when we hear the trumpet sound, and Jesus returns to gather the faithful to Himself. I know I can’t wait to see with my own eyes Heaven with the golden streets and the pearly gates that John described. In this new world, Jesus reigns at the right hand of Heaven in eternal glory and peace. And yet, was this what was meant by the disciples? Do we really have to wait?

Anxiety and Hate

In this time, today, here and now, with the upcoming elections, riots in the streets, strife over mask or no mask, and politically motivated hatred, Matthew told us, seek first the Kingdom of God. Seek first the Kingdom of God, when you are anxious, hungry, or lacking faith, and receive the things you need. Matthew is telling us that God’s Kingdom is now, not in a future time. We don’t have to wait until Heaven to experience God’s Kingdom.

Kingdom of God is here

Jesus tried to tell us, but people didn’t get it, even then. Trust GodHe said that some of His disciples would live to see God’s Kingdom come. He didn’t mean that John would live forever. What they didn’t know is, he was telling them, some of you are going to die very soon, but others will live to experience the peace of the Kingdom here on earth. Matthew went on to say that demons, evil beings cast out, witnessed in Jesus’s time is evidence that God’s Kingdom is already here. And it is this evidence that should give you hope and pleasure. God’s Kingdom already came – There, the secret is out. Mark spilled the secret two thousand years ago. But most of us weren’t listening.

Kingdom of God is no longer secret

So when did the Kingdom of God come with power? What is the power that Jesus promised? Jesus said that all authority in Heaven and Earth is given to Him, and He promised that God’s Spirit would come and fill us with the same Spirit that moves in Him.  It should cause your heart to leap up and your hope to soar when you realize that God’s Kingdom is here with the same power that Jesus experienced. God’s Spirit dwells on earth in us. The power that Jesus promised is here, now, and His Kingdom is here, now, waiting for you to take hold of The Father’s peace. But sadly, unless we tell everyone we know, the secret won’t reach them.

Kingdom of God is near – Are you still waiting?
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