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Sometimes, it seems like life just doesn’t allow for anything more than the immediate moment. No time for contemplation or creativity, just getting past the next approaching minute. Watching the Major League Baseball playoffs got me thinking.

Life is like baseball

Life tosses fastballs, curves, sliders, and a few beanballs our way as we desperately attempt to find our way around the bases. We find ourselves, once again, standing there bravely at home plate, holding the bat tight in our grip waiting for the next pitch. “It’s déjà vu all over again,” as Yogi Bera once said. We swing strong, and level as the ball approaches our home base, hoping to connect and send the ball far enough into the playing field to advance our goals, even if only a little.Life

Everyone one of us batters is thrilled to see that fastball heading straight down the middle of the home base. We smile, swing level and wait for that home run pitch to strike the sweet spot of the bat. We looked up, watched that leather covered ball sail far into the distance and took our victory lap. Dreams of success, advancement, new horizons, and greater goals float through our heads as we watch our future brighten. But when the beanball approaches, we flinch. We can’t help it. Flinching is an “unconscious response to a perceived threat.”

No one wants to see a ninety-mile-an-hour pitch heading our way.

Our mind screams duck when a beanball approaches. Instinct kicks in and our brain fights with everything it has, sending signals to our body to get out of the way. “This is gonna hurt,” our self yells, and we move out of the way, allowing the ball to go past.

Every so often, we get beaned, and it hurts like¾Well you know the rest. We hit the dirt and squirm in pain, rubbing the wound and looking for help. But when the pain stops and bruises fade we find ourselves one step further down the line toward achieving our goals. Sometimes, we don’t duck so well. But, as always, after brushing the dust off and rubbing the wound, low and behold we find ourselves at first base. Next batter, please.

Life Is Like Major League Baseball
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