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When asked about famous mathematicians, many high school or university grads can name:



and Gauss.

Some can name:


Leibnitz, and


When asked about famous scientists, people can name:

Einstein (physics),Einstein

Kepler (astonomy),

Newton (thermodynamics)

Maybe Ohm (electricity),

Tesla (electricity), and

Edison (electricity and light) or

Bell (telephony)

What do all of these people have in common?

That’s right… .they’re all dead white men.  Great cultural and sexual diversity!

And we wonder why Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) have long been seen as European male-dominant subjects.   Why don’t we see the women in these fields? Why have our wives, daughters and nieces never been introduced to the women pioneers in these fields? And what about the non-white cultures?

We’ve long held the great male names out as examples for students in STEM. What about the great females? Like Kovalev, Agnessi, Germaine, Hypatia, Currie and others. These women need to be held out as examples so that young ladies, like their male counterparts, have people they can look up to and use as a guide.

How can we hold up one side of the equation (the males) and then NOT hold up the great females?

So for those of you who agree we need diversity, how about:Female

Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920) – who contributed to several areas in mathematics;

Sun Tzu a Chinese Mathematician who lived during the Wei/Jun dynasties and shares a name with the military strategist who lived during the Wu dynasty;

Mme Zhu, (1934-) who wrote University accounting text books still in use, and could speak on any accounting subject for more than 2 hours without notes;

This list of the top 10 female mathematicians of All time:

This list on female engineers:

HartnerThis list on female medical scientists:

This list on women in digital computing:

Another list of famous female scientists:

These are the lists that our nieces, sisters, and daughters should be taught.  And many more are available at

Let us lift the cultural and sexual veils that have been placed upon us by teachers, and give young ladies and minorities heroes in their fields to look upon.

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Mike Hartner – On Female Scientists
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