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Military BRATS – They Serve Too!

There are over 2 million children of serving military personnel in the United States. Of these 2 million, nearly 80% of these children attend public schools. Children of miMilitary BRAT Monthlitary families relocate for family duty at least three times more often than the average civilian. They learn very early in age the stress and anxiety of separation. A child raised in the military is resilient, optimistic, and more self-reliant than the average child. They did not choose to join the armed forces but serve with honor and dedication.

MILITARY BRATS MOTTO: “Children of the world, blown to all corners of the world, we bloom anywhere!” The Dandelion is the symbol of our silent tribe.

April is a time set aside to remember the service of millions of children. BRATs honor, support, grieve, and wait for the return of our service members.


April Is Military BRAT Month

Some Helpful Links As You Honor The Month of the Military Child

This site is a great place to learn about educating children of military families and to get your free tool kit.

Military BRAT Month

Find tools and resources to aid in supporting the military child.

Military BRAT Month

Gather some wonderful ideas to help celebrate Military children in April.

Military BRAT Month

Learn how your PTA may help military children and their unique needs.

Military BRAT Month

Find more ideas for celebrating the military child’s role in our Armed Forces.

Military BRAT Month


Military BRAT Month – They Serve Too