Military Brats Are Unique

Military Brats are a unique group of people living in the United States, and across the globe. They live in, or grew up in, families where one or both parents are members of a branch of the armed forces. Their lives and relationships are described by experts as transient. Merriam-Webster defines transient as “passing especially quickly into and out of existence.”

Relationships Are Transient

The relationships developed for Military Brats do pass into and out of existence especially quickly. At times, relationships may last only months due to the rapid shifting of military priorities. People come, and people go in the lives of brats. Brats will often move in the middle of a school year with little notice. While the location changes, however, the memories and friendships continue and live.

Quantico CaveNot To A Brat

Does this sound sad and lonely to you? Not to a Military Brat it doesn’t. Most Brats I have met would never change a thing about their life growing up military. I know I wouldn’t. Their lives are full of experiences and joys that most people never know. So, when doing a little searching around the web this morning I found something of interest to every Military Brat.

I discovered a wonderful project, the Military Brats Registry this morning. If you are a Military Brat, what better way to start the new year than to register and find an old friend.

Military Brat Registry
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