Have you ever met a Military Brat?

I’ll bet that you have and just didn’t know it. They are friendly and yet rather well-traveled people. According to the Urban Dictionary, a military brat is lacking in any racism. Now that is a breath of fresh air. It seems, that because they are so well traveled, and due to their travels, have met so many people, they simply don’t grow up with a bias against anybody.

Military Brats – Ten Million Strong

Tracy tells us there are more than “10 million Americans who identify themselves as Military Brats.” That is a vast number of Americans raised in military families. So the question is begging to be answered, how will you know if you met a military brat?

Spotting A BratQuantico Cave

The easiest way to identify them is to ask a friend where they grew up. If they can answer that question, they are definitely not a military brat. Military brats don’t know where they grew up. The most likely answer will be, in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Marine Corps. You see, the branch of service is the closest thing to home they knew as a child. Next most likely answer is “well, everywhere. I was raised in . . .” (again, insert your favorite branch of service.) Another great way to spot a military brat is by their punctuality. If, according to BuzzFeed, they are freaked out when only 10 minutes early for their next appointment, then they are highly likely a military brat.

For more information on identifying a military brat go to BuzzFeed.

Military Brat – They’re Unique
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