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I want to share a great New Review by a wonderful, caring, and very patient person. Rebecca struggled through a delayed author release, and an Amazon glitch, rescheduling of her work, and a poorly informed author, to complete a thorough review of Why Can’t We Trust God?

New Review – And here it is:

Dr. Thomas Wise has written an interesting book about suffering and his faith-based responses. He gently guides you into a knowledge of the truth. I could relate to a lot of this book and the ideas made a lot of sense.
Why won’t God take away my problems?
Why do people bully me online?
Why do my loved ones have to die?
Why am I sick and in pain?
These may be some of the questions you are asking about your life. In this book you will find faith-based examinations of why we humans suffer and how to choose trust in an omnipotent God who loves you. Especially this week when my back went out I question why it has to be so painful to even walk. But I know it is God telling me to do less sitting and more exercising and stretching. I have to find more balance.
Dr. Thomas Wise begins the book by explaining that there are manyTrust God sorrows including: “Life in a Fallen World,” “Life on Earth,” “Pain Due to Our Sin,” “God’s Pruning,” and “Hate of the World.”
The first chapter explains why we all suffer in this life. The second explains how as humans there are consequences for our sinful actions, but by accepting Jesus our sins are paid for by Christ’s blood. If you have decided you are on God’s side and have become eager to do his will, then the third chapter will appeal to you. Chapter four is about listening to God’s voice and trusting him when he tells us to pray for someone. The fifth chapter is mostly about the author’s struggles with the sad death of his daughter and how he was able to help someone later who was also dealing with grief.
Dr. Thomas Wise writes in a way that is easy to understand and he presents many spiritual concepts and ideas that are relevant to us all. I enjoyed reading this book and found the contents interesting in a contemplative way. While he doesn’t specifically answer every question you may have, this book brings you to a deeper understanding of life and God’s purpose for your existence. What I’ve learned in life and from this book is that sometimes suffering can even bring you closer to God. ~The Rebecca Review

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New Review – Wow, Nailed It! Check it out
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