Trust GodWhy Can’t We Trust God by Thomas P. Wise shows readers how to trust in Jesus, and to trust in our God – who is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The book tells readers about the Four Sorrows – Life in a Fallen World, Pain Due to Our Sin, God’s Pruning, and The Hate of the World – and how in the desire for self-fulfillment and sin, we build walls between us and God. The book shows readers the many ways they can get to know God better. God never changes and he does not lie. The author decodes the spiritual undertones of many psalms and scriptures in this book.

The author speaks about an often discussed topic in an engaging way and I found the imaginary exchange between Adam and the Serpent interesting and informative. This book will help us readers realize how God always wants to have a relationship with all of us, and while living in a world of sorrow and suffering everyone is pointed back to the Lord who provides happiness when sorrow is overwhelming. The book reiterates the power of God and his presence in our lives. It is also a good book to understand God’s grace and blessings. It will help us to build trust in God for all things and also for a better connection with family members, brothers, and sisters.

Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite  5 Stars5 Stars

Review -AWESOME! – Readers’ Favorite
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