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***#NerdGirlJulie’s  Review***

“Life on Base: Quantico Cave by Tom Wise is perfect for all ages. It’s a story of life on a military base from the perspective of middle-school-aged children (primarily boys).Having raised two boys, I really appreciated Wise’s portrayal of the boys (and one “tom-boy”). The scuffles, resolutions and friendship between adolescents are on target.”

Kirks Reviews

“This uplifting, . . . well-written tale by Tom Wise . . . and his wife, Nancy, should appeal to members of the military and their families and educate civilians about life on a base.”

Reviewed by Tanaya for OnlineBookClub.org

“The authors very convincingly convey what it’s like to live on a base.”

Quantico CaveReviewed by Nina Longfield for Luxury Reading

“I found Life On Base an enjoyable read. I was not brought up on a military base, but I get a sense of that childhood lifestyle from the Wise’s likeable novel. I liked Stephen as the narrator. His sense of determination became clear as the story progressed. Stephen’s resolve and attempts to mend old friendships gave the novel a satisfying feel from beginning to end.”

Dianne Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Reviews

“Anyone who wants to know exactly how base life is perceived by the young will find Life on Base: Quantico Cave engrossing and unparalleled in its descriptions of military base life’s impact on family and friendships.”

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