I wanted to share something with you this morning, Friends.

My love and co-writer, Nancy asked me to read something a couple of days ago. She showed me a short story she wrote, inspired by a post on Facebook. It broke my heart as I read it.

So many veterans lay waiting for that warm hand and a comforting presence. Nancy spent years of days and nights, sitting in a VA hospital. She sat there in her father’s hospital room listening to the voices in the hallways, the cries for relief, and the pain. Her father was a veteran. He has since passed into his rest.

VAThe voices of youth and wisdom ring true in her words.

Read the entire story on Wattpad found in Chapter 3 and leave a comment. To read the story on our website.

“Silently I sat in the chair beside his hospital bed, not knowing what to do. My hand instinctively reached out and grabbed his thin cold, clasped hands resting on a chest that barely moved.” ~excerpt from Recollections Of My Youth

Please read and listen, hear their voice in these words. If it inspires you, go to your local veterans hospital and share the warmth of your presence to comfort someone.


Photo adopted from http://8tracks.com/explore/memorial_day
Soul Carvings by Nancy Wise