Walking the Walk

How do you know when someone is telling you the truth?

How do you know if someone means what they say?

Walking the Walk? I, like many of you, I am sure, subscribe to the notion expressed by good ole Honest Abe. Abraham Lincoln, writing In 1856, wrote, “‘ Actions speak louder than words…'” The Apostle Paul seemed to realize this as well. In Paul’s letter to the church in Rome, he appeared to lament that, although he knows what he should do, Paul finds himself doing the things that he detests (Romans 7:15-20). 

Talk the Talk, or Walk the Walk

That is me, I know, for what I know I should do, I do not do, and those things that I work to avoid, I seem to return to continually. But I rest in the knowledge that God knows for us, in this life, words can be cheap. Do we walk the walk or talk the talk? Now, I know God’s Word is perfect, and His Will is excellent (Psalms 19:7-10). And, I know that Jesus is God’s Word (John 1:1).

God – Walking the Walk For Us

But, for me, even more importantly, Jesus is the expression of God’s WillTrust God and a perfect example of God’s Word. Jesus came into the world to save us, yes, and also to show us God’s Word in action. Jesus is God, walking the walk alongside us, to show us the way. And in this way proved to everyone watching that God is good to His Word and willing to walk the talk to lead us home.

We can trust God to be faithful to His Word.

Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk
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