It’s great to be back home

Nancy and I just returned from the Chanticleer Book Reviews conference in Bellingham WA. #CAC15 was a great experience. We met many new authors and made some wonderful new friends. We hugged a lot of friends, shared stories, laughed ourselves to tears, and slept very little.

Congratulations to all of the winners at #CAC15.

For the first time, an unpublished manuscript was awarded the Grand Prize by the Chanticleer Book Reviews team. Our heartiest congratulations go to Gregory E. Phillips for his manuscript. We had the pleasure of meeting Gregory, shaking his hand, and enjoying his company. He is a wonderful person and wish him the very best in his writing career.

Short StoryWattpad – Trying new things

Many authors shared their expertise or experience. One of the great sessions was the use of Wattpad to meet with readers and authors. Wattpad is a great way to hear the voice of readers and receive the gift of feedback. Nancy and I will be using Wattpad with a new book of short stories. We are looking forward to hearing from our friends.

Wattpad – Hearing The Voice Of Readers
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